ALEMNIS is a start-up founded in 2008. The company’s expertise is based on technologies developed at Empa (materials testing) and EPFL (actuators, flexures, high-precision instruments). Its key products are in-situ indenters for materials testing using different kinds of microscopes and tools for micro-/nanomanipulation. The main market is currently in research. For ALEMNIS the REMIQUA project is an essential step towards entering the quality inspection market in industry and enlarging the customer base in its ‘traditional’ market for micromechanical materials characterisation by offering a new product.

The technical contribution of ALEMNIS is based on many years of expertise in the development of precision instruments for materials testing and manipulation with a focus on in-situ applications. The main contribution will be the development of the REMIQUA testing platform for quality inspection. The know-how of two of ALEMNIS’s main products, nanoindenters and nanopositioning systems, provide the basis for the key technologies of the REMIQUA project.

ALEMNIS will investigate measurement strategies for quality inspection based on mechanical testing. Together with the requirements from sample applications and specifications from the interfaces (mechanical, electrical, software) this information will be used to specify the configuration of the testing equipment.

Accordingly, the basic module for the REMIQUA testing platform will be developed by ALEMNIS. This includes the design of the instrument’s frame, choice (optional: development) of the actuators, design of interfaces and a basic control system.

Furthermore, ALEMNIS will integrate the components of the toolbox developed in WP1-WP3 into the basic module. The result will be a versatile testing platform for mechanical quality inspection. Finally, ALEMNIS will demonstrate the performance of this platform by testing a series of micro touch probes that where assembled using the REMIQUA assembly device.