The Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology – CSEM – is an applied Research and Development company involved in the design and development of micro- and miniaturized systems for industry and the creation of business based upon cutting edge technological innovation. CSEM, which is partly supported for specific activities by the Swiss government on a regular as well as project basis, is a shareholder company with retained profits. Operating profits are reinvested in advanced applied research activities. The annual turnover for 2009 was 70 Mio SFr (or 55 M€) of which 9 Mio SFr coming from space and instrumentation projects. CSEM’s staff comprises some 400 people, working in nine divisions, operated as business units with matrix organization for the projects performed jointly.

In the REMIQUA Project, CSEM's main task is to lead the design of a new custom load cell, that will be integrated in the REMIQUA platform.